About Us

bLink is the leading Swiss open banking platform from SIX. We enable standardized, highly scalable and secure connections between banks and fintechs for the exchange of innovative data-driven services through state-of-the-art APIs.

Why SIX has launched bLink

Around the world, regulatory-driven open banking initiatives are driving competition and innovation in the financial industry, by fostering a standardized exchange of finance-related customer data between banks and certified fintechs via modern APIs.

In contrast, Switzerland has so far taken a market-driven, self-determined approach to tackle open banking – with the regulator closely monitoring its progress. In order to support the Swiss financial center in efficiently building and scaling its own open banking ecosystem, SIX launched the bLink API platform in 2020.

As an established and trusted financial infrastructure provider, SIX is well positioned to build and operate a central and secure open banking platform for Switzerland. bLink was and is being developed in close collaboration with leading banks and fintechs and is therefore tailored to both national and international market requirements.

Our vision

In a world that is shaped by new and growing ecosystems, the ability to connect and collaborate within these ecosystems will be a core competence for any bank or fintech to stay relevant and successful in the market.

Our mission

We strive to highly simplify connectivity and collaboration between financial institutions and fintechs in the context of open banking, so that our clients can focus on creating new data-driven services and innovative user experiences for their customers.

The Team Behind bLink

As a holistic platform, bLink was built by a diverse and interdisciplinary team of experts. We cover all bases of open banking with years of experience and even more passion.

PS: The team likes to celebrate our bLink community on a regular basis, so we’d love for you to become a part of it – be it as a new member on the platform or a new team member!

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