Custody Services

Allow your customers to aggregate all their custodial account data (positions and transactions) in an application of their choice.

High-quality wealth data

Use and provide near real-time or end-of-day position and transaction data in a highly standardized format.

Easy, global access

Gather all your customers’ financial assets (securities, cash, loans, etc.) through the use of a single API.

Based on OpenWealth

Implement the leading API standard in wealth management, supported by the Swiss open banking ecosystem.

What You Get From This API

  • Lists of authorized customers and respective accounts
  • Details about account types and linked portfolios
  • Data on any position (securities, cash, loans, etc.)
  • Data on all transactions affecting position bookkeeping

Enabling your use cases

Create holistic wealth overviews

Retrieve and compile investment, asset and account information to consolidate all of your customers’ wealth into one comprehensive financial picture.

Enrich your customer portfolios with credible ESG data

Bring transparency to your customers’ wealth and investment portfolio by identifying the impact of their assets against ESG criteria. Build trust in a standardized and efficient way.

Automate the refund of withholding tax on dividends

Conveniently read into securities custody account data and digitally submit refund requests to foreign authorities to provide your customers with a simple, yet powerful value proposition.

Who you can connect to with this API



Services related to Custody Services

Customer Management

Enable automated onboarding processes and lifecycle management for your customers by accessing customer data, KYC and documents.

Order Placement

Enable your customers to place trade orders with their custodian banks and receive their status in an application of their choice.

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