Payment Submission

Enable your customers to submit payment orders from an application of their choice directly into their e-banking or mobile banking.

New payment experience

Payment orders can now be easily submitted to a customers’ online banking with just a simple click in your app.

Full customer control

Payments are authorized and released via online banking, giving your customers full control over their transactions.

Based on Common API

Implement the leading API standard for accounts and payments, supported by the Swiss open banking ecosystem.

What you get from this API

  • Payment instructions from your app to your customers’ online banking
  • The current status of a payment

Linking bank accounts has never been easier

Our easy, secure and transparent consent flow allows your private and corporate customers to link their bank accounts to an application of their choice in just a few seconds – online and in self-service.

Enabling your use cases

Make accounting more efficient

In addition to the automated reconciliation of payments (see Account Information), your customers can also make and automate payments in your application to allow for a convenient and holistic accounting experience.

Become a payment app

Enhance any app with convenient payment functionality and become a payment provider yourself.

Who you can connect to with this API



Services related to Payment Submission

Account Information

Allow your customers to aggregate all their account data (balances and transactions) in an application of their choice.

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