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What is bLink?
What are open banking and open finance?
What are APIs and why does it make sense to use standardized APIs?
Does SIX define the API standards on bLink?
Which APIs are currently available on bLink, and what are the use cases they enable?
Is open banking regulated in Switzerland?
Is it possible to provide or consume other types of APIs or services apart from open APIs?
Why does bLink play a key role in the development of open banking in Switzerland?


Who can participate on bLink?
What is a Service Provider?
What is a Service User?
Do I have to support all APIs on bLink?
Do I have to exchange data with each participant on the platform?

Plattform admission & onboarding

How can I join the bLink platform?
How long does the onboarding process take?
What is examined during the bLink admission test?
How does SIX make admission testing easier for fintechs?
How often is the admission test carried out?
What does the bLink admission test cost me?
What are the benefits of the standardized bLink admission test performed by SIX?
Are there developer portal and testing environment available?


What does the pricing for bLink look like?
Do your customers (i.e. end users) have to pay anything to use bLink?

Your customers (i.e. the end users)

What does consent in the context of open banking mean exactly?
How can your customers give and manage consent to integrate their banking data into your app with bLink?

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