Customer Management

Profit from automated onboarding processes and lifecycle management for your customers by accessing customer data, KYC and documents.

Read and write customer data

Obtain or update your customers’ master data stored at their custodian banks directly from your application.

Standardized KYC

Benefit from efficient KYC processes for each custodian bank you are connected to and boost your productivity.

Based on OpenWealth

Implement the leading API standard in wealth management, supported by the Swiss open banking ecosystem.

What you get from this API

  • Customer master data such as contact details
  • Know-your-Customer (KYC) information
  • Documents

Enabling your use cases

Streamline customer onboarding ...

Onboard your customers in a fully digital way. Enter a new customer’s data into your CRM tool and trigger customer openings at selected custodian banks with just a few clicks.

... and lifecycle management

Instead of checking and answering KYC reviews, you can now automatically transmit customer master data updates made in your application to the respective custodian banks.

Who you can connect to with this API



Services related to Customer Management

Custody Services

Enable your customers to aggregate all their custodial account data (positions and transactions) in an application of their choice.

Order Placement

Enable your customers to place trade orders with their custodian banks and receive their status in an application of their choice.

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