Order Placement

Enable your customers to place trade orders with their custodian banks and receive their status from an application of their choice.

New investment experience

Investment orders can now be easily placed with your customers’ custodian banks with just a simple click in your app.

Easy to integrate

Easily connect to custodian banks via API, without having to invest in and build new and costly infrastructure.

Based on OpenWealth

Implement the leading API standard in wealth management, supported by the Swiss open banking ecosystem.

What you get from this API

  • Stock exchange and OTC bulk and single orders
  • Order status and executions
  • Invoicing details with all costs

Enabling your use cases

Become an investment app

Add convenient trading features to any app and empower your customers to get into investments. Create new and innovative user experiences in wealth management.

Who you can connect to with this API



Services related to Order Placement

Custody Services

Enable your customers to aggregate all their custodial account data (positions and transactions) in an application of their choice.

Customer Management

Enable automated onboarding processes and lifecycle management for your customers by accessing customer data, KYC and documents.

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