Guide for Banks

Choose the easiest and most scalable way to build innovative and secure partnerships with fintechs and other banks.

Why implement open banking with bLink?

Unique economies of scale

Connect to many fintechs and other banks efficiently and securely through only a single connection to the platform.

Leading API standards

Implement the latest API standards (such as Common API and OpenWealth) supported by the Swiss open banking ecosystem.

Trusted fintechs only

We conduct the due diligence of fintechs on bLink and ensure you remain compliant with the latest data exchange regulations.

Zero contract negotiations

A single, uniform platform agreement saves you the trouble of setting up individual contracts with each counterparty.

Central test environment

Fintechs can simply test your APIs in our simulator, where we also validate their technical readiness for data consumption.

By banks, for banks

bLink was designed and is further developed in cooperation with leading Swiss big, cantonal and regional banks.

Your building blocks to connect to bLink

Find out what you need as a bank to implement open banking, how we facilitate your journey and where our partners will support you.

Admission Test
Consent Management
API Management and Connectivity to bLink
bLink Docs, Testing & Simulators
Partner Management and Support
API Monetarization and Central Invoicing
Counterparty-Specific Routing Instructions

Enable multibanking for your corporate and private customers

With bLink you can also consume data from other banks and fintechs to provide your customers with a consolidated overview of all their bank accounts and financial assets.

Ready for corporates and retail.

Here’s how it works

Go through our step-by-step guide to get ready for a smooth onboarding experience.

1. Get to know bLink
2. Choose technical set-up
3. Access support portal
4. Access test environment
5. Apply for admission
6. Sign contract
7. Go Live