Guide for Fintechs

Choose the easiest and most scalable way to connect to a variety of banks with a single integration.

Why connect to banks via bLink?

One interface

Implement and maintain a single standardized API instead of many proprietary interfaces.

One admission test

Pass our uniform platform admission and become part of a trusted ecosystem. No need to get checked by every bank.

One contract

A uniform platform agreement saves you the trouble of bilateral contract negotiations with each bank you want to connect to.

Improve CX for data integration

With our online consent flow, your customers can integrate their banking data into your application in just a few seconds.

Free test environment

Test the APIs available on bLink for free in our simulator and start developing your own application.

Truly scale with bLink

Connect to every new bank that joins bLink with ease. Expand your network and your customer base.

Your building blocks to connect to bLink

Find out what it takes to join bLink and how we make it easy for you to connect with other bLink participants.

Admission Test
Consent Management
Consent-as-a-Service (CaaS)
bLink Docs, Testing & Simulators
Partner Management and Support

Consent-as-a-Service (CaaS) by SIX – the easiest way to connect to bLink

SIX has developed a central token store service to reduce your effort in managing customer consents. Not only is it cheaper and much more efficient, it also frees you from many security-related obligations in the context of the admission test for bLink.

Here’s how it works

Go through our step-by-step guide to prepare for a smooth onboarding experience.

1. Get to know bLink
2. Access support portal
3. Access test environment
4. Sign contract
5. Apply for admission
6. Go Live