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Connect with all your current and future partners and exchange financial data in a highly standardized, scalable and secure way via our platform bLink.

Who you can connect with on bLink today:

Our partners

Many APIs, even more use cases

Use the APIs on bLink to create great user experiences and develop entirely new offerings for your customers – based on an efficient and secure data flow between you and your partners.

Account Information

Allow your customers to aggregate all their payment account data (balances and transactions) in an application of their choice.

Payment Submission

Enable your customers to submit payment orders from an application of their choice directly into their e-banking or mobile banking.

Custody Services

Allow your customers to aggregate all their custodial account data (positions and transactions) in an application of their choice.

Customer Management

Profit from automated onboarding processes and lifecycle management for your customers by accessing customer data, KYC and documents.

Order Placement

Enable your customers to place trade orders with their custodian banks and receive their status from an application of their choice.

Enable a seamless user experience

Our simple, state-of-the-art consent flow ensures an easy, fast and transparent onboarding experience for your customers when linking bank accounts with third-party services.

See how it works

Find out how you benefit from bLink. Get started with our tailor-made onboarding guides for both banks and fintechs.

Play with our APIs

Browse our API documentation to get technical specifications or test your use cases in our simulator.

Why bLink? Standardization creates scalability!

One single contract

Forget individual contract negotiations. On bLink, everyone signs a uniform contract to connect to the platform and its participants.

Uniform admission test

Run through our standardized due diligence process to become part of a trusted and secure platform community.

Industry-backed APIs

We partner with key industry initiatives to help shape and implement the leading API standards across all business areas.

Robust security design

As a trusted financial infrastructure provider, SIX ensures that data is handled according to the highest industry standards.

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